For the future prosperity of our country, it is essential that we build a solid foundation in science and technology. Towards this end, Malaysia Toray Science Foundation (MTSF) was primarily set up to create conditions that encourage the growth of scientific and technological development.

Our Establishment

Established in 1993 through a RM4 million endowment by Toray Industries, Inc., Japan. MTSF is a registered and privately funded charitable organization recognized by the Malaysian authority.

Our Objective

To contribute to the progress of “Science and Technology” in Malaysia. (“Science and Technology” will be limited to the fields of natural sciences, including the environment, but excluding clinical medicine and mathematics).

Our Vision

To make a positive contribution to the betterment of Malaysian society and growth through national scientific and technological advancement and development of human capital.

Our Mission

To advance the knowledge of science and technology, through the funding of scientific research and science education.

Our Strategic Goals

  • To stimulate and encourage basic research in science and technology in Malaysia.
  • To reward Malaysian scientists whose outstanding achievements have contributed to scientific and technological progress.
  • To foster and develop educational initiatives through creative and effective science teaching methods.

Our Scale of Operations

Expenditure of approximately RM600,000 annually, derived from interest income and contributions from the Toray Malaysia Group of Companies.

Our Activities

To achieve the objectives, the Foundation endeavours to undertake the following 3 programs yearly :

(A) Science and Technology Award (STA)
- recognizes the outstanding achievements/discoveries/contributions of Malaysian scientists and researchers.

(B) Science and Technology Research Grant (STRG)
- provides financial assistance to young Malaysian researchers (below 40 years of age) for basic research in science and technology (limited to the fields of natural sciences, including the environment, excluding clinical medicine and mathematics).

(C) Science Education Award (SEA)
- recognizes outstanding Malaysian teachers and educators for innovative and creative science education in secondary schools, technical schools, educational centres and Pre-university colleges.


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