Toray Industries, Inc., Japan (*RM4 Million endowment)

Toray Industries, Inc. of Japan was founded in 1926. It is an integrated chemical group, involving in global manufacturing, marketing and sales in three business categories covering six segments :

1. Foundation Businesses (Fibre & Textile, Plastics & Chemicals),

2. Strategically Expanding Businesses (IT-related Products, Carbon Fibre Composite Materials), and

3. Intensively Developing and Expanding Businesses (Environment & Engineering, Life Science).

Toray Science Foundation, Japan (*Yen 5 Million annually)

The Toray Science Foundation, Japan (TSF) was established on June 23, 1960, trough a 1 billion yen endowment by Toray Industries, Inc. Subsequent donations have increased its basic found to 1.8 billion yen.

Recognized by the Japan Ministry of Education, Science and Culture and the Science and Technology Agency under its Civil Law, TSF is aimed at contributing to the advancement of Japanese science and technology by supporting basic researches in science.

Besides its domestic programmes, TSF also launches its Toray Science Foundation International Research Grant, to subsidize basic research projects in natural science at overseas universities.

Annually, TSF subsidizes basic research projects in the fields of natural science carried out by young scientists in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Total amount of the grant for each country is 5 million yen per annum.

Toray Science Foundation established three similar foundations in Asean countries, namely,




Toray Group (Malaysia) (*RM300,000 annually)

Toray commenced its first operation in Penang, Malaysia way back in the 1970s. Collectively known as TORAY Group (Malaysia), the 7 manufacturing plants in Penang and 1 joint-venture project in Kuantan represents one of Toray’s major investments outside Japan.

Under the supervision of Toray Industries (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., Toray’s RM4.5 billion investments in Penfibre, Penfabric, Toray Plastics (Malaysia) and Toray BASF PBT Resin, encompass four key business areas, namely polyester fibres, textiles, plastic resins and polyester films. Today, TORAY Group (Malaysia) employs some 3,000 Malaysians and generates sales revenue of RM4.1 billion annually.

Toray Industries (Malaysia) Sdn. Berhad Supervision and administration of Toray’s business operations in Malaysia
Penfibre Sdn. Berhad
Fibre Division
Film Division
Manufacturing and marketing of Polyester Staple Fibre.
Manufacturing and marketing of Polyester Chip for Film.
Penfabric Sdn. Berhad Penfabric Mill 1
Manufacturing and marketing of Polyester/Cotton Blended Yarn
Penfabric Mill 2
Manufacturing and marketing of Polyester/Cotton Blended Fabric
Penfabric Mill 3
Manufacturing and marketing of Yarn-dyed Woven Fabric, Polyester Yarn for Sewing Thread
Penfabric Mill 4 & HO
Manufacturing and marketing of Dyed & Printed Fabric
Toray Plastics (Malaysia) Sdn. Berhad Manufacturing and marketing of ABS Resin and marketing of PBT Resin
Toray BASF PBT Resin Sdn. Bhd. (Pahang) Manufacturing of PBT Resin

(*) amount supported/contributed to MTSF


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