2004 MTSF Science and Technology Research Grant (STRG)

No. Amount (RM) Name of Recipients Name of Co-Researcher(s) Name of Institution Field of Research
1. (04/G30) 35,000 (TSF) Ms Salwana Binti Md Hassan
  1. Dr Chua Kek Heng
  2. Prof Thong Kwai Lin
  3. Prof Savithri Devi Ampalam Puthucheary
Universiti Malaya Molecular analysis of Burkholderia pseudomallei
2. (04/G24) 30,000 (TSF) Ms Yew Saw Peng
  1. Dr K Sudesh Kumar
  2. Assoc Prof Mohd Nazalan Mohd Najimudin
Universiti Sains Malaysia Molecular characterization of Polyhydroxyalkanoate Biosynthesis Genes of Cyanobacteria : Towards Photosynthetic production of Bioplastic
3. (04/G67) 30,000 (TSF) Ms Sim Yoke Leng
  1. Dr Azhar Ariffin
Universiti Malaya Kinetics and mechanism of cleavage of N-Substituted Phthalimides and Phthalamic acids in mixed Aqueous - Organic solvent
4. (04/G80) 25,000 (TSF) Ms Chew Guat Siew
  1. Assoc Prof Tengku Sifzizul Tengku Muhammad
Universiti Sains Malaysia Differential regulation of (PPARs) family in murine J774.2 macrophage cell line by cytokines : Molecular mechanisms of Atherosclerosis
5. (04/G20) 35,000 Ms Mok Pooi Ling
  1. Prof Cheong Soon Keng
Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia In vitro Expression of Erythropoietin by human Mesenchymal Stem cells
6. (04/G23) 35,000 Ms Christabel Loni Anak Jiram
  1. Prof Dr Vikineswary Sabaratnam
  2. Prof Dr Thong Kwai Lin
Universiti Malaya Biological and chemical diversity of Actinomycetes from coral reefs marine organisms of the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia
7.(04/G49) 35,000 Dr Latifah Binti Saiful Yazan
  1. Assoc Prof Raha Binti AbdulRahim
Universiti Putra Malaysia The mechanisms of damnacanthal-induced apoptotic cell death in the T-Lymphoblastic leukaemia cells (CEM-SS)
8. (04/G58) 35,000 Ms Goh Fen-Ning
  1. Prof Ngeow Yun Fong
  2. Dr Stacey Yong Foong Yee
Universiti Malaya Development of a rapid detection and quantification assay for Legionella Pneumophila
9.(04/G16) 30,000 Mr Chan Kah Yoong
  1. Dr Teo Bee San
Multimedia University Optimisation of Diffusion Barrier Liners for Copper Metallization
Total: 290,000


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