Science and Technology Research Grant (STRG)

Science and Technology Research Grant (STRG)

Ten (10) to fifteen (15) Research Grants of up to RM60,000 each for Malaysian researchers below 40 years of age pursuing basic research in science and technology (limited to the fields of natural sciences, including the environment, but excluding clinical medicine and mathematics) (inclusive of grants funded by Toray Science Foundation, Japan).

General Criteria

  • For energetic and creative young Malaysian researchers.
  • Aged below 40.
  • Residing in Malaysia.
  • Engaged in a basic fundamental scientific research field at a research facility in Malaysia.
  • Excludes Mathematics and Clinical medicine.

Criteria for excellence in research : the 3Rs

• reliable and valid research measures;
• appropriate and adequate controls exercised;
• ensure that results are generalizable and utility is optimized.
The applicant should show some familiarity with procedures normally adopted in disciplined inquiry as well as exercise care in taking all necessary precautions to ensure replicability and generalizability of the research.

Research yields results, pertinent and applicable to the problem being investigated.
Even if pure research is to enhance theoretical knowledge, researcher should not ignore the possibility of application or applicability of research.

Research should involve really important variables and takes cognizance of real-world constraints.
Research which is conducted in near-ideal conditions and which assumes that there is practically no limit to resource inputs would be of little use if and when its results are to be applied in the real world.

Grant recipients are required to :

  1. Complete and sign the General Grant Conditions stipulating the terms and conditions of the Grant.
  2. Submit an annual/progress report latest by 15 March each year until the completion of the research.
  3. Up-to-date disbursement and utilization of funds, jointly certified by the University/Institution and the recipient.
  4. Upon conclusion of the whole project, a Final Report and certified Statement of Accounts is necessary to close the file.
  5. Submit a summarized research report for MTSF publication.

Grant Research Symposium

At the conclusion of the project, the grantees are required to present their research report findings and share experiences at the MTSF Science & Technology Research Grant Symposiums that are organized yearly.

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